Natural soaps made in the traditional cold process method inspired by French culture, art, and history..​
I am a creative soul who  loves anything offbeat and mysterious. I have a  penchant for Reiki, French travel, history and culture, my Le Crueset, hummingbirds, flowers, and my herb garden.  
I was interested in soapmaking as a more natural approach to living and it materialized into a passion of preciseness and persistence that I truly enjoy. 
I combine oils and fats in small batches in wooden molds along with food grade lye.    Olive oil attracts  moisture on the skin and is mild, coconut oil is cleansing and lard makes for a good solid soap bar with a creamy lather.  Herbs, botanicals,  clays  and therapuetic grade essential oils are combined and added to create different varieties. 

There are always multiple bars of my soaps at each bath tub and sink in my house, as they are so popular around here.   I would not sell any product my family would not use and love.  I have had wonderful feedback from customers.  

I hope you enjoy the soaps as much as I enjoy making them!